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A Note from John Paro — Hallstar President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Wonders was created so that we can share the knowledge and insights essential for gaining a competitive edge in the beauty and personal care industry.

Consumers present the biggest challenges — and greatest opportunities

At Hallstar, the phrase “Let’s Work Wonders” isn’t just a company tagline — it’s a way of doing business that we take very seriously. We truly believe that with the right ingredients, scientific expertise, hands-on collaboration and a little creativity, you can make the impossible — possible.

That’s why we named our new online magazine Wonders, and in it we hope to share our own expert insights and research to help inspire and inform the work you do, push past formulation challenges, and tap into opportunities.

The need for breakthrough, specialized chemistry has never been stronger — and it’s why we’ve devoted our first issue to today’s beauty and personal care consumer. We break down the evolving trends and difficult demands, and discuss potential solutions and opportunities. We also profile one of our own experts who is helping to revolutionize anti-aging products, and our new R&D facility in China, where a new wave of consumers is driving skin and sun care trends.

We’re very excited to introduce Wonders, and we hope you’ll find it valuable. Please let us know what you think, and feel free to get in touch any time you’d like to discuss your specific product challenges and goals.


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