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Understanding Photoprotection, Biomimetism and More

Hallstar answers your questions about ester chemistry, specialty chemical ingredients and concepts, and the business of beauty and personal care.

Why is photoprotection important?

UVA is now being recognized as far more important than UVB.

Many sunscreen filters, and certain filter combinations can quickly destabilize upon exposure to UV irradiation and require “protection” from the sun to remain effective. Hallstar’s photoprotection products, such as SolaStay® S1 and HallBrite® BHB, are designed to eliminate the likelihood of UV filters like Avobenzone, OMC, TiO2 and ZNO degrading over time and reducing UVB and UVA protection.

Are there any recent changes in sunscreen regulations?

Sunscreens are regulated differently than most beauty and personal care products, varying from country to country. Several rules have been put in place by government bodies like the FDA (U.S.), Colepa (EU), and ISO (Global) to establish minimum sun care protection laws. Many of these have been updated recently to extend the importance of sunscreen coverage into the UVA range. UVA is now being recognized as far more important than UVB.

What is the concept of biomimetism?

In the context of cosmetics, biomimetism refers to a finished cosmetic product with ingredients that are highly compatible with the skin or can mimic physiological or chemical processes that occur in the skin. In a cosmetic formulation, this quality helps reinforce the skin’s barrier function, prevent water loss and improve moisturization, deliver water-soluble active ingredients and improve look and feel.

How do liquid crystals enhance product performance?

Liquid crystals are materials in an organized state of matter (crystal) but still able to flow (liquid). When this technology takes the form of ordered layers, it mimics the skin’s bilayer lipid structure (biomimetism). This enables a liquid crystal emulsifying system that’s superior to conventional emulsifiers because it traps water and actives within the layers. The finished product moisturizes skin more effectively and provides an excellent sensorial feeling. Hallstar’s liquid crystal emulsifiers, based on natural olive chemistry, include Olivem® 1000, Olivem® LV Flex and Olivem® VS Feel.


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